Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Do you know what's fun? I'll tell you, but we're going to have to go back in time a little bit.

Approx 9 months ago:
My parents go out of town leaving me in charge of my little brother and  the new-ish puppy. After my little brother is tucked away in bed, all adorable and stuff, I Skype my sister. While I'm chatting with her, yes okay, I might have taken my eyes off of the puppy for a few minutes. When I do check to see what she is doing, guess what? She's chewing on my laptop cord. In my defense she hadn't ever chewed on anything before.. and hasn't since. Super, she saved it just for me.
Anyway, I proceed to fix my laptop charger cord with electrical tape. Good as new, right? Wrong.
Cute baby brother, who's growing up way too quickly!

I had been having trouble all day getting my laptop to charge. I had to position the charger cord juuuust right to get it to charge and had to re-wrap the electrical tape. I knew it wasn't going to last much longer.

Early morning my laptop cord officially went to the big junkyard in the sky. I proceed to order a new one. Surprise 20% off sale.. but it's still going to be $75. And several days. Insert grumpy annoyed face here.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday:

Catching up on all of the crap I didn't get done because I didn't have a laptop for 5 days.

So that's where I've been.
Of course I could've used my phone to do almost the same amount of web surfing and such, but I chose not to. It felt good to have an entire weekend of nothing.

My sister got her wisdom teeth out on Friday, so I spent the whole day with her. Still waiting on my "thank you" for that. #illbewaitingforever

Then I spent the rest of the weekend watching Netflix (aka The Vampire Diaries. Obsessed) and watching movies and being alone. Yes, you heard me. I spent the rest of the weekend, totally alone. Pretty sure the only person I even texted was my sister. Sometimes it's refreshing to spend time alone and away from social media. It was refreshing for me at least. I've been in a funk lately, so it felt good.

Ps. I'm #TeamDamon all day, every day. Mmmm, love that man!

I also took all of those days off from running too. Gave my shin splints some time to heal while I iced and stretched them a ton. Today I got up super early to get a run in and.. it sucked. I know you were probably expecting me to say "and it felt great" or "it was just what I needed" or something else awesome. But this is reality.. and in reality, it sucked. But I did it and with very minimal shin pain. So I'm going to put today's run in the win column.

And now that I've read this blog post so far, I realize I basically just rambled a lot. Sigh. Apparently my "funk" isn't quite over. I'll be a better blogger soon. I promise.
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  1. Unplugging is nice, just not because puppy chewed your power cord haha. TVD is amazing! Gah! I love Damon too, swoon. I once had a dream that he and I were together which made me never want to wake up haha.


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